image_1Shutters are a great way to control the light either by letting it flood in or blocking it out completely

image_2They are very visually appealing so can make a home more sale-able

image_3Extremely flexible, shutters can be made to fit almost any size or shape

image_1Shutters can help retain heat – a bonus for household bills

image_2They also act as a barrier to the outside world so good for reducing noise – perfect for houses on busy streets

image_3Shutters aren’t just for windows, they’re also ideal for patio doors

They’re extremely practical, low maintenance and durable which makes them an excellent investment and choice


Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are a perfect choice for patio or sliding doors as you can pull them right back during the day to let the light stream in and then simply close them at night to give you privacy and security. And by choosing the widest slats, you’ll let even more light in.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are a lovely feature but can be awkward to dress. Shutters are a great solution as they fit snugly into the recesses and give a fabulous clean and uncluttered look that really draws attention to the window. And as well as filtering the light and maintaining privacy, shutters can also help reduce noise – ideal if you live in an urban environment.